My Bucket List

Bucket List Wendy Kakebeeke

“Every man dies – Not every man really lives.” ~ William Ross






  1. Own: My own Coaching House
  2. Organize: Coaching Trips Around the world
  3. See: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  4. Go: on Safari at least every 2 years
  5. Learn: how to play a Sax
  6. Sing: in a (gospel) choir
  7. See: The Mount Everest
  8. Ride: In a hot air balloon
  9. Swim: With dolphins
  10. Meet: Dalai Lama
  11. Go: On a helicopter ride
  12. Learn: a new sport (Tennis)
  13. Coach: Less advantaged, talented Teenagers
  14. Do: Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef
  15. Meet: Jane Goodall
  16. Travel: From North to South Chili
  17. Meet: Johan Olav Koss (2005)
  18. Make: A difference in someone’s life
  19. Learn: Horseriding
  20. Ride: A horse on Iceland
  21. Trek: the Inca Trail
  22. Become: World Champion Speedskating (2005)
  23. Coach: Professional Sportsmen/Women
  24. Be: Part of a North Pole expedition
  25. Travel: Across the seven Continents
  26. Show: my unconditional love to my family
  27. Live: On a modern Farm
  28. Live: Near the beach
  29. Live: Near the woods
  30. See: An Iceberg
  31. Travel: Through Nepal and Tibet
  32. Sleep: under the stars in the Sahara
  33. Do: Rock Climbing
  34. Do: Horseriding in Mongolia
  35. Do: Street Dancing in a group
  36. See: Olympic Games (used to be participate)
  37. Create: A loving and Happy Home
  38. See: Great Wall of China
  39. Give: A heartfelt surprise to someone
  40. Do: Sky Diving
  41. Try: a new Extreme Sport
  42. Travel: New Zealand
  43. Learn: Spanish (and use it)
  44. See: New Years Eve at Times Square
  45. Go: Whale Watching
  46. Grow: Old with the love of my life
  47. Raise: Happy, Healthy Children
  48. Live: My Dreams
  49. Shower: in a waterfall
  50. Ride: on an elephant
  51. Learn: Photography
  52. Perform: A kind deed without expecting anything in return
  53. Go: on a sabbatical
  54. Do: Have Quality Time with partner and kids every day
  55. See: The Big Five
  56. Take: Part in Wildlife Protection (Volunteer)
  57. Go: on a Day Trip with a Ranger in a Wildlife Park
  58. See: Gorilla’s in the wild
  59. Be: A speed skating Trainer
  60. Go: Camping and Backpacking with my family
  61. See: Chimpanzees in the wild
  62. See: the Amazon Rainforest
  63. Go: To the Airport and book THE first flight available
  64. Run: My own Successful Coaching Business
  65. Do: Volunteer Work
  66. Live: Abroad
  67. Do: Canoeing or kayaking (on the Amazon River?)
  68. Ride: A Camel in Dubai
  69. Get: Cooking Lessons
  70. Go for further education in a different field
  71. Do: A round the world trip with my family
  72. See: The seven (Nature) World Wonders
  73. Do: Float in the Dead Sea
  74. Learn: To play Guitar
  75. Volunteer: at an Animal Centre/WWF
  76. Volunteer: for Right to Play
  77. See: The Victoria Falls
  78. Design: My own Home Interior and do a Complete Makeover
  79. Experience: A sunrise/sunset on 10 different places in the world
  80. Visit: Antarctica & Tierra del Fuego
  81. Do: Send a message in a bottle
  82. Do: Help in…
  83. Do: Dogsledding in Lapland
  84. Learn: to Surf
  85. Live my life’s purpose
  86. Do: Scubadiving on the top 10 diving spots
  87. Travel: Islandhopping in Greece
  88. Help someone in need
  89. Travel: Islandhopping in the Carribean
  90. Go: to Space/ Experience weightlessness – no gravity
  91. Plant: a family tree and watch it grow
  92. Be: Someone’s Mentor
  93. Learn: To Meditate
  94. Learn: How to sail
  95. Learn: First Aid for kids
  96. See: Chichen Itza
  97. Be in a conscious, fulfilling relationship
  98. Organize: A big party for all Friends and Family (and bigger)
  99. Visit: All the Antique sites in Rome
  100. Visit: Machu Picchu (Peru)
  101. Explore: Petra (Jordanie)
  102. Forgive: All the persons who have hurt me
  103. Travel: to the center of all religion, Jerusalem
  104. Give: a motivational speech to over 1000 people
  105. Watch: The migration on the Serengeti
  106. Tell: At least 10 people about your bucket list and encourage them to do the same

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