Wat ik echt wil? Iedereen die het verdient coachen, gratis!

PurposeEquation[1]Two years of Unlimited Coaching, I learned so much. And I got so much energy from all the different coaching sessions. Time to choose where to focus:

I am going to do the coaching sessions for free again. I want to coach everybody who needs it and really wants it. And even more important, when they cannot necessary afford it.

So, if you believe you need some coaching, or if you know somebody who needs some coaching, just let me knowWrite me and explain to me why you need coaching and why you are ready to invest time and energy! Dat kan natuurlijk ook gewoon in het Nederlands!

I am looking forward to this new change, already getting energy from it. This will mean I cannot coach more than 4 people at a time, but that is alright.


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