Sneak Preview and Cows

24th of March. 6:15h Waking up and realizing I could take it slow, no rush for anything or anybody (with the time difference I actually woke up at 8:15h, yeah!). First of all I wanted to check on the main interesting parts of the Island. Books, Flyers and of course the internet helped me to make a `wishlist` (not too long). Today I wanted to travel east and see where it would land me.

20150324_11520210:30 After a long and relaxing breakfast, almost nobody around (off season) I stepped in the car and stopped in the next Village. Vila Franco Do Campo. Such a nice view on the sea and the island Ilhéu. A small town centre so I could buy some necessary stuff like water and Tomatoes (huh?, they looked good so Why Not?!).

20150324_125704Next real stop (besides the breathtaking, `I want to take a picture` stops) was at Castelo Branco, or what was left of it. It really took my breath. It was so beautiful up there, I saw nobody on the way down there. It was just me, and the cows…


So inspired I made my first small introduction movie, why I was going to make a Game Changer Program in the first place. Check it out here!

Back in the car and heading for Furnas. The big crater lake was nice, the park Terra Nostra as well. As nobody was there as well, started to wander why, it was so nice and quiet I wandered around for 2 hours. Landed up in the pound as well. No panic, it was the Geothermal Water Pool, really nice. One tip though, do not wear anything with white in it! The white will be sort of brown, you don`t want anybody to wander what is wrong with you.

20150324_150844Made my first Sneak Preview as well. Sorry for the close-up and not looking straight into the camera! My own Game Changer is that I don`t need to make perfect video`s, they just need to be inspiring. So I will not `re-do` them every time I make a mistake:), learning by doing! Check it out here!

16:30h Time to head back to the southwest. Taking as much stops as needed to satisfy my, `ow this is beautiful, I want to enjoy it a bit more` needs`. Need to figure out where to eat, probably Lagoa. First go to the gym, I not only promised myself so headtime, also some `fitness`time.

And for inspiration and pleasure some of the nicest spots that inspired me today:

20150324_12562120150324_134929 20150324_132629 20150324_13202720150324_14130520150324_144009

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