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Azores – My Game Changer

23rd of March at 7:30. I really need to pack my stuff right now. The bus is leaving at 9:00 and I don’t want to miss that. Most important things are in my backpack (like wallet, travelpass and mobile phone). Still love to travel with my backpack, even though I could take a suitcase right now. It is easier as you can`t take much clothes with you, you need to be able to carry it and it makes you flexible. You can go wherever you want to.

11:30 Plane is leaving in time. Took the time to read (a book about 2 couples who cross the Himalayas in two older Citroen cars) and had the time to write, still working on the last parts of the second module and the first parts of the third Module. Need to switch planes at Lisboa.

20150323_184550_resizedAt 16h on my way to Horta (Faial, Azores), almost 2000km over the Atlantic Ocean. I was sitting next to a real interesting guy, Carlos. He had been a Portuguese war correspondent for over 20 years and now took up a more relaxing job making programs about seas and sailing. There was a regatta he was covering. He was telling me so many great things about different parts of the world, it made me want to travel even more (with my family).

Then suddenly he was talking about a family who had a real successful business in something. He could not come up with the word and was telling me about the extract of the beans. I was thinking maybe Cacao or Coffee? No no, and then he talked about the Maya’s and I was lost, until it hit me. Maya the BEE:). Ah, honey, yes! So the family gave up their Honey business and traveled the world. They ended up in a crash and he never heard of them again, hmmmm. He gave me his card, if I ran into any problems I could call him. Nice start.

20150323_190656_resizedTransferred planes again, now on my way to Sao Miguel. It was only a 50 Minutes flight, hoping to see whales, which I didn`t (or was that small boat a whale, who could tell). Five minutes after landing I picked up my car (Fiat Panda:)), I love small airports.

WIN_20150324_120445The drive to the hotel was easy and around 19h local time (21h Swiss time) I was sitting in a nice suite, with a view of the rocks, garden and see.

Next Morning I would plan some sightseeing trips and make a plan when to film what. Easy and relaxed.

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