Do you want to be coached? You can name your price!

If you want to be coached by me towards your dream,  you can decide what you want to and are able to pay. Just name your price!

After this lovely summer (which hopefully stays a bit longer) I have space in my head and agenda to take on some new coaching challenges! I have space to coach new people, help them living life to the fullest. I can help you to move your boundaries, make sure you stay on track towards your dreams, especially when you have a lot of excuses and I will make a concrete plan with you to get there.

One of the excersises my coachees almost always have to do is breaking routines and trying new things. Of course I am doing the same, so here goes: You decide what you want to pay (for a 1 hour coachingsession)!

name-your-own-price[1]Apply nowLet me know your whishes regarding the coaching (main coaching question) and what you are willing to contribute. I contact you for a Introduction (Skype, 20 minutes) before we start with the sessions.

Super exciting! Out of my comfortzone, trying new stuff and live life to the fullest!


Please do forward, I wish to help as many people as possible!

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