Climbing the Pyramid

I read a new magazine on our flight to Cuba and there was an article about Maslow`s well-known Needs Pyramid. “Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs” If you want to change things in your life, it makes most sense to start at the bottom and change something there instead of changing stuff at the top. As these […]

Dare to Do: My first Webinar

Ok, sometimes you need to change your game, learn something new, do something different to grow. So I decided to do my first webinar. When? Need to define that:). What`s it about? For sure Magic of Believe. Some of the topics: Intuition, Yes-Man, Energy, Getting things Done and Magic of Believe. Very exciting, need to […]

Magic of Believe

In Five Steps you can start experiencing how the world will change if you start believing! 1) You have to trust your Intuition. It will lead you where your heart needs to be 2) You need to start saying Yes more often. Or AND in stead of BUT! 3) Energy is so important to live […]